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Elements of Life with Virenia (Nia)

As we step into this very significant year of 2021, finding the courage to stand up fully in the powerful beings of LOVE that we are is imperative for us as individuals AND for the collective.

That’s why Virenia has created a UDemy course for her powerful audio series,

“Elements of Life: 12 Bridges Back to You” – a 12-part audio series and workbook

This insightful and authentic series was 6 years in the making and is designed to be a beacon of encouragement, guiding you along the path to living your most honest and empowered life.

Rooted in inspirational quotes, each element is layered with Nia’s deeply personal anecdotes and topped off with incisive written exercises that Nia herself used to create a total mind/body/spirit experience. Although written from Nia’s perspective as a woman, everyone is invited to join her.


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