Why I wrote this book

 Why I wrote this book.

The Little Apple Tree

By Nia Peeples

The Curious Need For A Detachment to Outcome

My father had been battling stage 4-lung cancer for three years.  Anyone who has dealt with lung cancer can see the miracle in that: “Three years? Not three months?”  He was given two months to live years ago and battled it bravely each and every day.  It had been a long difficult journey for the entire family.  We fought the system.  We argued with doctors.  We moved my parents from one state to the next looking for support, any kind of support; medical support, holistic support, emotional support, environmental support.  Every time we hit a bump we applied The Three R’s- Reassess, Research, Re-commit- over and over again, The Three R’s.  It has been a grueling process to say the least but one that gr...

           Daytime Emmy Awards. 3:45 pm and it’s a sweltering 95 degrees. The last thing I want to do is pour myself into a skin tight sequin gown and parade around on a red carpet in 4 inch heels for a hundred sweating, screaming paparazzi. But this is show “business” and after 25 years of avoiding red carpets and super galas I have conceded to doing the nasty. “Nasty?” you exclaim.  Oh yes.  Nasty.  I love creating the work. I love interacting with fans. But getting all dolled up so the media can pass judgment is nerve racking. We may make it look really glamorous and fun but let me tell you, every red carpet has a snag that is sure to find my stiletto heel.  Every gown has a hem that will be stepped on by the celebrity behind me causing first...



When I sat down to write this article about water, I thought I would be writing about my love of the ocean.  How a wave is water caught up in the energy of the universe and how riding that wave, I feel one with all that is.  It can be pretty profound.  But as I continued contemplating water, really considering it, it struck me that water isn’t just waves of universal energy.  It’s rain. It’s snow.  It’s condensation and fog.  Water is an ocean, a river, a waterfall.  Yet in all it’s incarnations, water is water: H2o.  No matter what form it takes, hot or cold, calm or violent, liquid or solid, evaporating up or raining down, water is water.  It never loses the essence of wh...

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